Bloomwolf Studio is an illustration and paper goods company founded in 2015 by self taught artist, Betsy Garcia. Before beginning on this creative path, Betsy had always wanted to become a doctor. After graduating from college and beginning the process of applying to medical schools, someone advised her that if she could picture herself being something other than a doctor, then she should do that instead. With that in mind, she decided to take a huge chance and pursue another passion of hers, thus Bloomwolf Studio was created.

Together with her boyfriend Luis, Betsy has been able to make her dream of pursuing art a reality. The two of them have worked tirelessly to create a stationery brand that encompasses not only their love for all things creative, but also their attention to detail. From initial designs, to the final packaging, they take great care in ensuring that everything is perfect for you, our customers. Our cards and art prints display Betsy's cheerful illustrations, with influences that stem from her love of flowers, bright colors, and elaborate patterns. Our products are printed in the USA with carefully chosen, environmentally friendly printing and paper stock, and we strive to create products that will help you share meaningful moments with others, as well as preserve the gift of a handwritten card.

We look forward to the future of our business, and thank you for being here and for supporting what we do. As always, we are here for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.